Floh Serendipity: Long Drives, Road Trips, and a Question That Changed Their Lives

#Success Story #11

This is a real life story of a Floh couple. Their names have been changed to maintain their privacy.

Serendipity love couple lives

In the car, on the way to drop Kriti back home, Arjun asks

“Should I stop going to more Floh events?”

“That’s really up to you,” says Kriti.

He dropped her home.

Driving back to his place, now miles away from her, it suddenly struck him, “Did she even understand what I meant?”

Swerving the car around he drove right back to her house.

He rang the doorbell.

She opened the door.

Bouquet in hand, he said, “I’m not going to attend anymore Floh events.”

And this time it was crystal clear, no ambiguity whatsoever!

After that very momentous night, Arjun and Kriti’s life took a 360- degree turn, all for the better, of course. In this world filled with millions of people, where it’s becoming almost impossible to find that special someone, they had found each other!

Do you want to know how it started?

A photography aficionado, Arjun was at a Floh event involving photography, of course. Engrossed in taking tips on how to take the best pictures, what’s considered a good frame, what lens to use for which shoot, he did not even notice Kriti.

Meanwhile, Kriti had spotted him, tall, good-looking, deep eyes, and rugged beard, very busy with his camera.

A year went by, and Kriti and Arjun met again at an informal Floh gathering. The two immediately hit it off and became good friends.

It’s been said that the best way to get to know someone really well is to take a trip together. If you don’t want to kill each other at the end of the holiday, voila! you have something special going on there. Arjun and Kriti did just that; they took a road trip to Hampi together.

As the city vanished into the distance the two realized they thrived in each other’s company. She enjoys traveling; he’s a great travel companion. She laughs with abandon; he has a great sense of humor. He’s serious and yet quite talkative; she’s a good listener. He loves retro and rock-n-roll music; she has an ear for good music. The list goes on.

The road trip obviously went very well because Arjun and Kriti are now a happily married couple.

As you might have noticed, a lot of driving was involved in this love story, and all that driving around has borne some seriously good results!

And we hear, no one’s complaining about traffic, or too much road time.

Happy journey, Kriti and Arjun.

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