When Opposites Attract

Here’s an e-mail that Sidharth wrote to Team Floh announcing his marriage to Sancheeta.  They met on Floh, and we are just swooning over the happy ending!  

Thank you for helping us meet on Floh šŸ™‚Ā 

Opposites attract, especially when they are at different poles of the planet eager to make it work.

While I am talkative being an extrovert, she is a great observer happy being a listener.

I represent the brawn of the North culture of India while she is brainy & intellectual from the East.

Now while I am in Malaysia at 30degrees, she is cool as a cucumber at 3degrees in Canada.

But both these opposite cultures & climates combined to make a global recipe made from the best of both the worlds.

We got married on 23rd Nov with all of Floh’s good wishes & blessings. Thank you for helping me find my soulmate!