5 Turn-ons For A Man On A First Date

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After writing about what ladies seek in their dates, here’s a perspective from the other side.

1. Dress smartly but in something that you are comfortable in. As long as a woman is comfortable, it shows. Grace and confidence are super desirable traits for any man. Yes, men love it when you dress up for a date but make sure it brings out your best features. Ask a friend whose fashion sense you trust for help and feedback.

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2. Personality wins it all. In a survey conducted by Floh, the best way to make an impression is to be who you are. Who doesn’t love a dynamic personality? Women that are passionate, well spoken, like to travel, and enjoy trying out new experiences are such a turn on. There’s nothing more attractive than a strong personality that has interesting stories to tell.

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3. Laugh your way through. The way a girl laughs can do wonders for a guy. It suggests that you like and trust him. A playful grin and a cheerful giggle acknowledging his sense of humour can be very encouraging, and a clear signal that you enjoy being with him.

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4. Honesty. Men are drawn to women who are honest in every aspect of their lives. You don’t have much without trust in a relationship. Honesty rules out any unnecessary judgment over the past and allows a fresh start. That’s a quality that men find worth holding on to.

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5. She’s no damsel in distress. Independent single women don’t need men, they simply want men. A girl who can pay her bills, keep a stable career, focus on her priorities and still manage to make time for her man, is a winner. Being in control of her decisions and choices makes a girl very attractive. It even makes her dependable. A guy should be allowed to let go once in a while too! So, be the girl who doesn’t need to be driven around all the time and in fact, can take turns driving home when her guy’s been drinking.

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