Three Reasons Floh Works For Singles

We recently received a heartfelt message from Raghav, a Floh member, on his experiences with the network, and why he’s a strong advocate of Floh with his friends and peers. This is what he wrote:

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As a member Floh member for the last 4 months, I’ve had an amazing experience. As a single male who recently moved to Mumbai, Floh has been the perfect prescription for me.

From my experiences, I would broadly share 3 of the best reasons why I would recommend Floh to my friends and peers.

First and foremost, Floh describes itself as a network for the urban, educated single man and woman, and that’s as accurate a description as it gets But what may be sometimes overlooked is that the network has amongst the most intelligent, interesting, and successful people that you may find under one roof on a Saturday evening. That, for me, is the biggest strength of the network. I’m not entirely sure if Professional or Business networks in the city would have this kind of talent or diversity. Personally, this has been a great take away. I have had the opportunity of meeting some of the most amazing men and women with the most diverse backgrounds and professions in the city of Mumbai and Bangalore through Floh.

Secondly, Floh usually has 2 events in a month in each city. This is a particularly well-suited opportunity to meet other singles and interact with them, usually with the objective of getting to know them better and leave a lasting impression. What isn’t always emphasised to newbies, however, is just how incredible, informative, and unique each of their events are. Sailing on a 60 feet sailboat off the Gateway of India, a morning walk around the heritage sites of South Mumbai with historians and architects, interactive book readings with some of India’s best-selling authors and whizzing around Mumbai’s landmarks in gorgeous Uber Limousines on a High-Tech Treasure hunt. That’s just a small sample of the kind of events I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of in the brief period of 4 months that I have been a member. It should come as little surprise then that Floh events are the envy of my not-so-single friends in the city.

Lastly, and probably the most importantly, Floh really offers anyone who is single and looking for the chance to meet other single men and women with an objective of forming a serious committed relationship. Moreover, it is the only platform that I know of that allows you to do so in a comfortable, secure, and a fun environment. The events and the online platform allow you to do that, and because of the screening process you’re sure to find liberal, intelligent and extremely like-minded people to have shared experiences with.

I would simply summarise simply by saying that as a Floh member, your chances of finding someone to share your life with are really high, but the journey is more important than the destination. And, this is one amazing journey.

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