Coffee, Blood Donations, and an Unlikely Love Story – Floh Success Story

This is a real life story of a Floh couple. Their names have been changed to maintain their privacy. Learn more at www.floh.in a network that connects singles in real life.

Serendipity couple Success Story

How often is it that you meet someone for the first time and something so magical happens that it will forever be etched in your memory?

Lucky for Rahul and Tara, that’s exactly what happened.

Rahul had just moved back to India after a stint overseas. Floh seemed like a great place to meet new people, expand his social circle, and eventually, maybe sometime in the distant future, find a partner to share his life with.

Turns out, Rahul didn’t have to wait that long. He met Tara at the very first Floh event that he attended. And, having met a bunch of interesting people at the event, he put out an open invite to Floh members for a group coffee meet up.

The word ‘serendipity’ best describes the events that followed.

Listen closely:

That evening, when Rahul got to the coffee house, the only other person who had made it to the ‘group’ meet up was Tara.

The two decided to drop the coffee plan and go out for a drink. As they sat down, got comfortable, and ordered their drinks, Rahul got a call.

When he got off the phone, Tara was told they they required A+ blood for his father’s surgery that was scheduled for the next morning.

As luck would have it, Tara’s blood group is A+ and without a moment’s hesitation she offered to donate blood and promptly asked the waiter to cancel their drinks order.

Life is full of surprises.

Rahul hadn’t expected to meet only Tara that evening.

Tara was expecting to meet a group of people for coffee.

Alcohol was not on the cards.

Then, alcohol was on the cards.

The drinks even made it to the table.

And, then again, alcohol was not on the cards.

Finally, they settled for mocktails.

Over many non-alcoholic beverages, they discovered little snippets about each other.

She loves dogs and has, not one, not two, but five of them.

He is a certified scuba diver, but hasn’t had the time to go diving in a long time.

The evening progressed, the conversation continued, and from this moment on, started another wonderful Floh story.

Tara and Rahul got married in early 2014.

We hear Rahul’s love for dogs has grown by leaps and bounds, and we also hear that Tara went bungee jumping with Rahul.

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