How To Build A Start Up And Raise A Child Simultaneously

This is a post by Simran Mangharam, co-founder of www.floh.in

Start Up And Raise A Child

When we started Floh in June 2011, I was still running an executive search firm, managing the memberships at Floh and conceptualising and executing our events. I also had a 10 month old daughter, Tara.

I remember our very first event for urban singles, daughter in tow, we managed to run a fantastic dance workshop at Lourd Vijay’s Dance Studio. My 10 month old was in her stroller, enjoying the music downstairs at Opus. In between mingling with the members and attending to my daughter, we managed to sell the tickets to our next event for singles, a session with award winning photographer, Ryan Lobo.

Ryan’s event was at a tucked away conference room at Cafe Coffee Day Square, and this time I was nervous about having my daughter there – would it seem unprofessional if a baby is there again? I spent quite a bit of energy trying to keep her hidden and engaged in different parts of the coffee shop.

Simran and Tara office

The third event for like minded people was a visit to the Grover Vineyard, and my baby was perhaps the youngest visitor there! From the gardener to the office staff of Grover, everyone was trying to entertain her while I was many a times out of sight, making members comfortable and ready for some wine tasting. I was totally underplaying the fact that my baby was somewhere outside with her nanny and the Grover staff keeping an eye on her.

Last week, it really came a full circle when, now nearly 4, she picked up my phone and said “Hi this is Tara from Floh!”

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