An Open Letter To Singles

This is a guest post by a member of www.floh.in, a network that connects singles in real life.

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Dear Reader,

If you’re thinking of joining Floh, then you should read this story:

The scene – Moscow Mule, Koromangala. I was sitting and having a Friday evening beer with a couple of friends; actually a friend couple to be more exact. Behind us was another table – with another couple and a single woman. Curly hair, tattoo on her shoulder, she had a twinkle in her eye that had me constantly turning my head back for more.

I spent the rest of the evening gathering the courage to approach her. And, I was still in the process of said gathering, when the entire table, Ms. Curly Hair and all, just got up and left. Seeing my expression as the entire scene played out in front of them, my friends sighed and promptly asked for my phone and said that they had had enough and were signing me on to Floh.

In their defence, they had been quite insistent on the fact that I join. I had been putting it off for reasons that are now not quite apparent to me. I think a misplaced sense of ego was in the mix somewhere.

At that point, the what’s-the-worst-that-could-happen logic set in in my mind, and I ran with it. I gave the phone interview in all seriousness and even signed up for the annual membership. I’m glad I did – because from then on it was just one revelation after another.

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the people in the network. Perusing the various profiles, the thing that that became obvious was that everyone here was highly intelligent and educated, in diverse fields, and all looking for more out of life. This was a breath of fresh air considering the majority ‘contented-with-9to5s’ crowd that dominates my social landscape. Every profile interested me enough to want to get to know them better.

The second thing was the events. After going through the roster of past gatherings, I quickly revised my assessment of Floh from a singles website to a place where singles actually meet in real life. There was some real exciting stuff there.

And today, I just attended my first event – a whiskey tasting event no less. Fine spirits, fine food, fine company – and just a whole lot of fun.

Overall, I’m excited. I’m hoping that through Floh, I’ll at least meet a bunch of interesting people and infuse a much needed freshness into what has become a very comfortably stagnant social scene.

Looking forward to meeting everyone going forward.


A New Floh Member

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