Why are most Indian women unreceptive to messages on dating apps?

Why are most Indian women unreceptive to messages on dating apps. I have had my fair share of dating experience but mostly offline through friends or common activities like group classes. On dating apps, most girls don’t even bother to reply or even if they do, most don’t seem particularly interested in having a good conversation. I have travelled to many countries and have observed a huge cultural difference when it comes to dating apps and it is understandable considering the social conditioning in India. But here I am talking about well educated, independent adults who still behave like teenagers while dating. I am not a pushy person and if the other side doesn’t respond, I don’t stretch the conversation. It has to be equal interest, equal effort. Some of the guys I know made it work by being a bit cheesy, following up multiple times, etc. Is that how it works here?

Spray & Pray Attitudes on Dating Apps.

While social conditioning is one of the reasons, perhaps the other big reason why women are not so receptive to online conversations and dating people online is that they get messaged by many men. This spray and pray attitude amongst men is quite rampant online. In addition most dating apps do not have any screening or filters. Many women have told me that they feel overwhelmed, disgusted and irritated on unfiltered dating sites due to  the barrage of messages they get! Your approach in not pursuing a lady beyond a threshold of seeming pushy is perfect – keep at that. I also agree with you in terms of equal interest and effort – keep that too – with the right person it will work like magic.

Be Genuine.

To address the other men who made it work by being cheesy and following up multiple times. In cases that this strategy works, it may be because it is their style and when it’s genuine even if it’s cheesy, it will work for them. The key is to do whatever you are comfortable with as long as it is genuine. Maybe these guys truly were crazy about these women and whatever they did to win them over was then a genuine effort – hence it appealed to the women.

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