Being A Sapiosexual & Finding Love

What is the right balance between beauty, age, and intelligence? I loose interest quickly because I am sapiosexual. At the same time a charming woman appeals to me a lot

Being a sapiosexual in a world that mostly judges people on their looks deserves a kudos! There is no right balance of beauty/age and intelligence. And being intelligent does not mean you can’t beautiful. Someone who looks beautiful to you can also be intelligent but might not attract you. On the other hand you can be insanely attracted to someone who is intelligent and perhaps does not look beautiful to you. Chemistry has nothing to do with looks – it’s a boundary we have set for ourselves due to socialisation. Attraction and appeal We have no control on how we look. Fitness yes, grooming and hygiene yes, but the features we were born with not.  

What are your thoughts on the gap between beauty, age & intelligence? Let me know in the comments below!

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