How Important Is Physical Attraction In A Relationship?

How important is physical attraction in a relationship. Let us say, you know someone for months together, you seem to get along well, have common interests and tastes. Also, the other person is willing to make it move to the next level but you are not physically attracted to them? Do you think it is a deal-breaker, especially having tried for many months and seeing that it doesn’t change, should someone give it a pass and not waste the other person’s time?

Physical attraction is extremely important for a relationship unless one is asexual and all their other desires from a relationship our met with the other person. Physical and emotional connect is what makes a solid and complete relationship. If either the physical or emotional attraction is missing you shall seek it outside of that relationship. Then how will this be a committed and a fulfilling relationship? If you can answer that question, you will also know what you need to do. Counselling also will be helpful if you want to make a genuine effort to make things work. 

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