How To Make Your Dating Profile Stand Out!

The definitive guide to crafting a great dating bio!

What’s in a Profile?

We think, everything! It is a very critical part of your account, second only to your picture.

Here’s how you can jazz it up:

1. Your Description:

A short and effective description of your positive attitude and interests.

Should NOT be incomplete, have profanity, describe your physical attributes or qualities sought in a partner.

Example: “I open up pretty fast. A passionate traveller especially road trips and backpacking. I love dancing, ballroom is my favourite! But terribly bad at it, more like I am getting an electric shock :). High on life as well as emotions. Optimistic and highly positive. Love movies, and I may require more tissues than you while watching a film.”

2. The Profile Picture:

  • It should mainly have you, or at the most pet(s).
  • Should NOT be gym selfies, group pictures & long shots
  • Should be clear and of a high resolution.

Your primary profile picture should ideally be a solo-picture of yourself. Steer clear from selfies unless they look like this one! 🙂

If you’re a pet lover be sure to show it! This is sure shot method to get fellow pet lovers to notice you! 🙂 Even a great shot showing your love for the outdoors. This lets people know that you’re the adventurous type.

Pictures that show your interests are generally well-received. So if you’re a dancer, painter, or even someone who runs marathons, show us! Having said that, gym selfies are a strict no-no!

The sooner you paint a picture of yourself, the faster a person can connect with you!

Bonus: Message Response

At Floh you’re assured of a fantastic response rate to the messages you send and it all begins with the first message! Here are some simple tips to maximise the responses your messages get :

  • Read the other person’s profile.
  • Write something with a query. It’s easier to respond to and keeps the banter going.
  • Don’t write an essay; a sentence or two is fine.4. Avoid talking “lyK dis”. It is a turn off for many people.
  • Do not copy – paste messages. It never works!


Example : “Hi Tara, I enjoyed reading your profile. What caught my attention the most was your 7 scuba dives and the fact you do it every year:). I’ve been planning to start diving as well, any tips and recommendations on where to start?”


Example: Hey Rahul, I am a fellow addict of Modern Family. In fact I binge watched the first 3 seasons! Are you done with all the seasons? Let’s meet to find out each others favourite characters :).

I hope that these tips really helped you in making your dating profile. For more dating tips and tricks check out our blog here! Know someone that would love this guide? Share this link with them.

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