Why I loved 4 More Shots Please!

I thoroughly enjoyed watching 4 More Shots Please on Amazon Prime. It covers the span of all avatars of independent women that exist today. Damini, a successful super bright, fearless professional who does not think she intimidates men. Anjana, a working single mom, who does not try to be a super woman and she is not ashamed of her sexual needs. Umang, a small town lesbian girl in the big city blending in beautifully with confidence. And finally, Siddhi a wealthy sweet young girl being groomed to get married living vicariously through her friends while managing an obsessive mother. 

No male trashing

What I particularly found refreshing was the fact that they did not trash the men in this female dominated narrative. Most Indian content either shows women being oppressed or idolising men (pick any family saga Hindi serials) or women trashing men (AIB’s creep qawali).
 I have always believed that both genders bring their own unique strengths to the table. Identifying them and acknowledging them perhaps might make the current man/woman relationship better. And why just man/ woman relationships, has any relationship be it friendship, professional or even blood remained healthy and thriving if it was not collaborative? If we are going to play relationships as a game and use the versus approach, we must know that neither person will win. The word partner seems to be losing it’s meaning as men and women compete at work and then carry that baggage into personal relationships. 

The truth!

The imbalance of women not being treated as equals at work still exists, even as more women are being raised to be financially independent. The key is to first be aware of this and then figure out how to cross this hurdle when it comes to a romantic relationship. We women need to understand we are not with a colleague when on a date, competitiveness needs to be replaced with grace and kindness. And gentlemen you need to cut us some slack, please be empathetic, these are very early days of us getting our freedom and identity as a gender :).
We women want men as much as men want women and that’s the truth.  

 Have you watched 4 more shots please? I highly recommend it! If you have already, I would love to hear what you think about it! Let me know in the comments below!

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