What happens when a younger man dates an older woman?

What are the dynamics like if a man happens to be the younger one in a relationship?

When it comes to relationships I think we all need to know that we have our own unique story. Age and maturity are not at all correlated. You could meet someone who is 24 years old and very mature because of their experiences and exposure and you could meet someone who is 40 and extremely immature as they never “grew up”. Relationships rest on maturity and hence the age dynamic should not come into play – but it does as that is a societal structure of looking at things. This societal structure was not always this way by the way, not too many generations ago an older woman / younger man match was considered most auspicious. So write your own story. When you are deeply connecting with someone and are happy being around them – be like Priyanka Chopra or me – my husband is 2 years younger than me :).

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