We’re going with Floh to find singles

Floh members have always loved theatre events. This is a guest post by our friends at Jagriti Theatre on what a Floh event looks like from their side of the table. Enjoy!

A theatre workshop is an ideal event for a company like Floh, India’s “first and only national singles network”.

Jagriti and Floh have worked together with singles before, with us running an acting workshop for a group of Floh members followed by lunch at The Fat Chef.

Now we’ve tied the knot… well, we’ve at least we’ve made it a regular date, with Jagriti conducting one workshop per quarter for Floh members. Says Siddharth Mangharam, CEO of Floh, “Theatre workshops are an ideal way for singles to get to know each other. There’s actually no other singles event that we’ve done where barriers are broken so quickly and easily. And the state-of-the-art infrastructure at Jagriti makes the whole experience just perfect. We’re back for more!”

theater events for singles

Arundhati Raja, artistic director and co-founder of Jagriti, says, “The exercises used in a basic acting workshop are developed to enable an actor to use his/her body and face without being self-conscious, without embarrassment. These work just as well for anyone–life is really a stage we all play on right? Being aware of the signals we give out (through our body, face and voice), and how they are perceived is the first step to being honest with others. The other important facet of theatre is the fact that it requires good teamwork. In such a setting, for a singles group, it allows everyone to get to know each other in an open and fun environment.”

Siddharth adds, “ Our members loved it! Many of them enjoy the theatre-going experience, but had never been on stage before. This was a great opportunity for them to experiment with getting on stage in an easy way. The best part of it was that Mrs. Raja, Sukhi Aiyar and Vivek Madan are at the top of their game and made the experience one to remember.”

The first workshop of this partnership will be on June 2, 2013.

(This post first appeared in the Jagriti blog.)

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