Singles Out To Lunch

There are many different and unique ways to plan for a first date. Bangalore has become a lot better over the last few years, and options abound. Whether it be bowling, a play, art exhibitions or even horse riding! 

But, truth be told, the standard first date with urban singles will most likely be either a dinner and a movie, an evening out at a pub, or maybe coffee. These are safe, comfortable choices, and there is nothing wrong with that. Leave the adventure sports and showing off your artistic taste for the third date.

There is a particular type of first date that seems to work very well in other cities, but I don’t think is too popular in Bangalore. It’s the lunch-break date. It works particularly well for a first meeting with like minded people, especially for blind dates and situations where you really don’t know the other person well. Take a slightly extended lunch break, say an hour and fifteen. Don’t worry too much about what you are wearing, your work clothes are fine. Meet up at a coffee or lunch place not too close to the office. You really don’t want colleagues distracting you. 

plan for a first date with single

Stage set. So, is it going disastrously? Make a work excuse and politely cut the date short. Going well? Make sure to set up the second date before the date ends. Simple eh?

Try it out, and first dates will become less of a high stakes game.

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