Tick Tock: A Single Woman Reflects On The ‘Pressure’ To Get Married

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I’m always a little surprised when people my age complain about their parents pressuring them to get married because it hasn’t happened to me yet. Although, as a single 31 year old woman, I understand that I am the exception and not the norm. 

In the Floh Single in The City survey, 55.6% of single women feel the most pressure to be in a relationship comes most from their parents whereas 31.6% of single men feel this pressure comes from their married friends.

Single in the city survey

I guess I’ve been lucky that I haven’t felt any pressure from either parents or friends. I’ve always maintained that it has to be about the guy. Yes, I would like to get married at some point, but it has to be with the right like minded guy. I would rather continue to be single than get married to a person with whom I was ‘settling.’ This means that the whole pressure to get married comes from me, and I can control it however I want.

I’d like to know if I’m the only one who is working with a sort of internal pressure as opposed to an external one. Tell me in the comments below!

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