The Real Magic of Singles

This is a guest post by a member of www.floh.in, a network that connects singles in real life.

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I was at my first Floh event and knowing that it takes me a while to open up to people, I decided to keep to myself. It was a cookout at a five star hotel, so it was easy for me to focus on cooking some delicious food.
An hour later, food was on the table, aprons were off, I was a bit relaxed, and a fine young lady walked up to me and conversation started.

Hearing a lot of laughter and easy conversations was infectious, and I found myself mingling like I’ve never done before. A lot of people won’t admit to this, but I have been looking for my soul mate for the last two years. I’ve tried my luck at many things including online matrimonial sites, so, I can’t help but highlight the magic of Floh over the following incident.

At that event, there were two ladies that I had messaged a few months ago on a matrimonial site – neither of them responded to my interest. But, here at a Floh event, to my surprise, I had extremely pleasant conversations with both of them, and we all hung out as a group till much after the event got over. 

On my way home, I thought about why these women would talk to me at a Floh event when they had ignored me on the matrimonial site, and I came up with the following reasons:

1. It was a safe environment – yes, even as a man I think of these things.

2. We all knew that we had been screened quite thoroughly and then had to pay a membership fee. This meant that everyone was verified and was serious about being here.

3. There was a context (the cookout) other than the possibility of meeting a prospective match which totally relieved the pressure.

4. This no-pressure environment lead to all of us being ourselves, and that I think is the real Magic. 

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