7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Marry An Indian Man

This is a satirical title. The Modern Indian man faces a lot of criticism, but we’ve listed the reasons why we love him.

Reasons Not To Marry An Indian Man

1. He is passionate and articulate. We all know that there is nothing an Indian man loves more than his favourite sport. This passion for his favourite team or sport extends to other facets of his life as well. Be it politics, sports, Bollywood, or gender discrimination. The Indian man knows his subject and is not afraid to articulate it.

2. He enjoys cooking. The Indian man is happy to claim the kitchen as his domain and loves to experiment and try his hand at various cuisines. Perhaps this has always been the case, but hasn’t been mentioned enough. After all, the food industry across the world and in India is dominated by male chefs.

3. He’s a hands-on partner. That’s right. The modern Indian man contributes equally to house work, buys groceries for the house and is happy to make you a cup of tea. He wants to be equally involved in bringing up children and the number of stay-at-home Dads is growing for sure.

4. He’s an equal opportunity man. He belongs to the generation which is increasingly accepting of an “equal opportunity for both genders” and he is handling it well. He is ecstatic when his wife gets a promotion or is happy to give credit to his partner where it’s due.

5. He still wants to protect you. He is learning the fine art of balancing the fact that while his woman is strong and powerful at most times, he can still be her knight in shining armour when she is feeling vulnerable.

6. He knows how to give space. Girls night out perhaps happens more often than a Boys night out. In fact, women now even have a girls-only holiday, leaving their men to manage the home and children and they are doing an excellent job of it!

7. He is making great efforts to understand women or just love them for who they are. The eternal mystery of trying to understand women shall remain a mystery, and the Indian man finally understands it the way Osho explains it “A woman is not meant to be understood, she’s just meant to be loved.”

And, here’s a bonus eighth reason for you:

8.  He loves his family and yours. Taking out time for the family is equally important to him. Birthdays, anniversaries, and even holidays with each others families, thankfully, seems like a bonding effort that is here to stay.

So, tell us if you agree with these points in the comments below.

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