This is a guest post by Floh member, Rajat, who shares his views about personal connections after watching this video:

“The universe: it is vast and dark and makes us wonder if we are alone. So maybe the reason we make all of these things, is to remind ourselves that we are not.”

Nice work, Zuckerberg. Indeed, Facebook is just like chairs at an Indian wedding dinner – where you are forced to sit with people you already know but clearly don’t want to. Though Facebook is now near ubiquitous in most parts of the world, loneliness continues to be a problem for different age groups. Its no longer about being connected to people you already know but making new connections around shared interests is the real challenge. Only a few of us are as connected or popular as we would like to be and are compartmentalized in our social circles such as family, schools, colleges or work. As life promises to become busier and traffic jams longer, the prospect of our social lives becoming livelier seems bleaker. How will we find like minded pals or love for that matter?

More so than the social networks or even matrimonial sites, it will be online/offline networks like Floh who will form these connections. And then, the above ad will truly be apt.

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