Next Single Please…

This is a guest post by a Floh member.

You have a profile online. It’s a snapshot of your best foot forward, and I gave it a quick skim. Interesting. But, I see the next button, and the thumbnail looks promising. Maybe the next profile will be better? So I click, and my encounter with your profile ends, as casually as it began. 


Would I have done the same to you in person? Probably not. Actually, let’s make that very unlikely.  You certainly don’t come with an easily skimmable list of likes and dislikes. Neither do you have a compatibility rating hovering somewhere to the right of your face. But, there you are and so am I. Maybe I’ll clear my throat and speak a few words. You might do the same. Who knows? You may just be the one. And, I wouldn’t have known that just by glancing at your profile.

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