“Men Find Me Intimidating”

This is a post by Simran Mangharam, co-founder of www.floh.in.

While talking to many bright young women, the majority of them say that the main reason they are still single is because they intimidate men. These fine single young ladies are well-educated, financially independent and well-traveled. They are smartly attired, coiffed, pedicured, manicured and well-heeled.

Men find them attractive enough to strike up a conversation, perhaps even spend an afternoon or evening with them. The woman thinks she is having a fantastic time, and then to her dismay – the man doesn’t call her back. If she calls him, he either does not respond or makes excuses not to meet.

This is that time when most women wonder – what did I do wrong? Did I intimidate him?

I decided to observe and research this further. In my circle of influence, I know many intelligent, opinionated, and highly successful women who are either happily married, or with a partner of their choice. There are many such examples of famous women in the world of business as well – Marissa Mayer, Sheryl Sandberg, Indira Nooyi, Chanda Kochhar, Naina Lal Kidwai, to name a few. Not only did they find a partner of their choice, they seem to be leading comfortably balanced lives.

There will be men who will get intimidated by you – these are clearly men YOU don’t want to be with. Don’t let them cloud your opinion about yourself, and then try to act differently with all other men you are interested in thereafter. By being cautious and by not bringing out the person you really are – you end up sending mixed vibes and THAT confuses the men.  It is tough to have an interesting and meaningful conversation, if you are being watchful of what you are saying, and while you are trying to “tone it down a bit”  you might not be perceptive enough to read the reaction of the man.

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