Sparkling events for singles

This is a guest post written by a Floh member after attending her first event. We find it fascinating that someone she met on a matrimonial site recommended Floh to her!

go-karting event

It’s that time in life when your peers are tying the knot, and your family and friends look at you with a sparkle in their eyes and a question on their lips, ‘So, when is your date?’

As a result, most of us go online to see what’s in store for us, with the hope of finding someone with whom we can strike a chord and possibly consider spending the rest of our lives. Once on the site, the routine is set. Shortlists are done by advance searches to filter out a select bunch of members that meet your criteria. Thereafter, connects are initiated, and if it’s worthy of your time, then things close amicably. If not (which is usually the case online), you go back to step one.

While on one such search, I came across a person who is now a good friend, and this friend of mine referred me to a unique idea called Floh. This platform is for people who are single, to meet others who are single while participating in fun and interesting activities. If you’re lucky and Cupid strikes, then the story ends happily ever after. If not, then you certainly get to spend time with several interesting people and there is no pressure of ensuring that there is a set agenda or the eager eyes of a concerned relative or parent looking on. Just a bunch of single people having fun and getting to know each other. 

I was at my first Floh event on Christmas afternoon. It was a go-karting event and though I am not a self-confessed adrenaline junkie, I do like taking part in outdoor sports. I went into this event with the idea of meeting and making new friends. I did meet people from different backgrounds, all of them wanting to spend time on Christmas doing some fun stuff and letting their hair down.

A good concept and great events is what Floh represents to an outsider, and to one who is a new member of the community, it does represent an opportunity to explore and create a bond on my own terms. Sure beats hours of checking out profiles online! 

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