Cheers for ABC arrives in Bangalore for Singles

This is a post by Siddharth Mangharam, Founder and CEO of Floh. He completed his MBA from the Ross School of Business, Ann Arbor, Michigan many, many years ago.

ABC Bangalore

It’s been over a decade since I graduated from the University of Michigan and like a lot of folks, the years at university were among the best of my life. One happy memory that I have from Ann Arbor is getting introduced to my first microbrewery – the Arbor Brewing Company on East Washington Street – just a couple of blocks away from the Business School. Many happy evenings were spent there appreciating the artisanal approach to making beer. I’ve not been back for several years, but I’m delighted with the singles that the ABC has now opened in the heart of Bangalore, bringing back memories of raucous late nights with singles (no silly 11:00PM deadline in Ann Arbor!)

I first heard about ABC Bangalore a few months ago and decided to check it out in December. It’s a large, impressive, open and very welcoming space with huge stainless steel tanks of brew taking center stage. There’s a separate section dedicated for beer and wine tasting event as well as a sit-down dining section and an al fresco section However, my favorite part of the brewery is the Tap Room which is perfect for Floh events. Intimate and exclusive, this is where Floh will be hosting our first event of 2013.

For me this is coming a full circle – Bangalore has always been home and getting a piece of Ann Arbor right here, in the heart of the city just makes me believe that Santa Claus exists. Cheers to getting a piece of Ann Arbor to Bangalore!

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