Enlightening events for singles

This is a post by Kumar Ray – Product Lead at Floh

running the numbers

(Floh members sailing in Mumbai.)

Every now and then at Floh we like to fire up our excel sheets and crunch some numbers. The results are enlightening to say the least. 

We like to say that a shared experience is worth a thousand profile pictures, so we picked a random member to see how successful Floh has been in creating shared experiences and new connections for that person.

Over the course of two months, it turns out that this member has met at least 80 unique people at Floh! That is not counting the lunches, brunches, movies, and so on that Floh members organize on their own. Of the eighty, 42 were men, and 38 were women.

This was over merely 6 events, ranging from cooking to dancing and in a span of just two months. This is clearly the best way to meet new people. Though your mileage may vary a little here and there, attending events with Floh is a sure-fire way of meeting a whole lot of interesting, single folks who are just as interested in meeting you

For some context, you can check out an earlier blog post about the odds of meeting someone, even for coffee, using traditional matrimonial sites. Summary: it takes anywhere between 6-12 months to meet a person in real life using a matrimonial site. 

So may we suggest, put on your loafers/dancing shoes/stilettos and get yourself to the nearest Floh event! And, if you haven’t yet, go ahead and Join Floh!

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