4 Reasons Why Single Men Should Know How To Cook!

Let’s start with a disclaimer: No, we aren’t expecting you to be Jamie Oliver, or Sanjeev Kapoor. Just cook. Or at least, have the will to. 

Here’s my submission: A man that can cook, is so much sexier than one who can’t. Why, you ask? Well, here goes:

1. It’s an excellent date option:

Seriously, what’s sexier than “I’ll cook for you”?  Much nicer than flowers, chocolates and the usual wine and dine. In case you didn’t think about this – most women won’t sit pretty in the hall while you’re whipping up the dinner. We’ll join you in the kitchen, and it’s an awesome way to spend time together.

2. College Boy vs. Working Man:

I see most men cringe as they read that. But you know…its true. Guys we dated in college couldn’t cook. We didn’t expect them to. Everyone survived on dabbas, hostel food or whatever the eating scene was in your city. But we’ve grown up since then, right? We’re all managing houses of some sort (ok, not the way our moms did, but still), either single handedly or with room/flatmates. A man who can manage a kitchen, is one who’s definitely over his hostel hangover.

3. Being helpless around the house is so 70s:

It looked good in movies. Back then. Not now. It’s good to know that the house won’t fall apart if we’re not around to look after it. That dishes can be washed, and we can expect an edible (dare we hope for more?) meal in bed if we’re sick. 

4. We’re working too:

The same hours and as demanding a job. An urban educated man who can cook isn’t afraid of chopping a few veggies or stirring up a stir fry. Awesome on the days that the meetings run long or when we’re just plain pooped and can’t deal with dishes.

So – can you cook? At least a little bit? Bring that up in conversation, and trust me on this – you’ll get a few (actually, several!) brownie points. And, a tip for the ones who can’t – at least profess an interest in learning ;). We’re generous; we’ll love you for that too!

Have you tried this method to get dates? Let me know how it works out for you!

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