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This is a blog post by Siddharth Mangharam, CEO of www.floh.in, a network that connects singles in real life.

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Last week, we hosted a cocktail and high tea reception for Floh members Kumar and Garima at the JW Marriott pool side in Bangalore. We had over 150 folks turn up including several Floh couples from across all cities. After the cocktail reception, I was at dinner with Shruti and Manu, a Floh couple from Delhi, and at about 10 PM, I received a call from a Floh member from Mumbai. Here’s what he said (and subsequently sent via email):
“Hi Sid, Simran, and the entire team at Floh,
I have some bad, good, and great news to share with you guys.
The bad news first: I need to cancel my Floh membership …
The good news: …Because I’m getting married
The great news: …To someone I met through Floh 🙂
We met at the Floh event in Mumbai on 6th July (at Silverspoon Gourmet).
It was my 3rd event and her 1st.
So, this mail is to say a big big THANK YOU to all you cupids for making this happen 🙂
Keep up the great stuff that you guys are doing!”
The timing couldn’t  have been better, and I think meeting with several Floh couples earlier that evening was indeed propitious!

We wish the latest couple all the very best for their wedding in December, and here’s to many more happy coincidences!

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