What Does Mystery Have To Do With Romance of Singles?

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I was watching ‘You’ve Got Mail’ the other day, and it made me realise how in this age of information and social networking, we have slowly destroyed the element of mystery in romance.

Today, when we are asked out on a date or are set up on a blind date by a friend, the first thing we do is to Google this person’s name. We go to their Facebook walls and browse through their pictures. We learn their views and opinions on Twitter and know their eating habits on Foursquare and judge the kind of movies and music they are into on MySpace and so on. So, when we actually meet this person, we ensure that we are not surprised. We have already formed an opinion about them, and now it is hard to change. And then, we go back home and complain about how it is so difficult to find the right kind of person in today’s world.

Now imagine going on a date with like minded people in the pre-cell phone era. Where on waking up in the morning, one would say “Good morning” as opposed to checking WhatsApp. We would go on a date only knowing the person’s name. We probably had seen one picture of this person and maybe heard a few good things about them from a common friend. We obviously went to the date with a lot less expectations, or at times, even none. And, since we didn’t carry with us any pre-conceived notion about this person, we would be far more willing to have a meaningful conversation with them and could actually end up liking them. We would be a lot less judgemental and a lot more open and approachable.

Those were the days when romance had an element of mystery, an element of surprise. Romance brewed over time. It took days and months to even be able to meet someone

Networks like Floh give us an opportunity for planned serendipity, creating opportunities for us to meet people from different walks of life. So once in a while, step out, don’t Google the person you are about to meet and let serendipity play its part!

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