5 Traits That Would Turn Off Woman On A First Date

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A few weeks ago, we wrote about the ‘5 Turn-ons For A Woman On A First Date’ and received a lot of feedback that we should cover a few things that men sometimes do on a date that can ruin what should be a wonderfully romantic and exciting evening with like minded people.

So we now present the top 5 things that a lady *does not* want in her date:

1. The ‘M’ word. A girl definitely doesn’t want to think or talk about marriage any more than a guy does. Stereotypically, girls are portrayed to have marriage on their minds even before they hit puberty. Even if that was true, they can’t be blamed given the tremendous family pressure inherent in the Indian upbringing. We’re not trying to spark a debate here. Just saying that it’s a big turn off when a guy jumps the gun and pops the question before the right time.

Turn offs1
(It hasn’t reached this stage yet.)

2. Assumptions.Urban Guys tend to assume certain things about a girl without any basis whatsoever. It’s hugely disappointing for a girl when a guy orders a drink for himself and then passes the soft drinks menu to her. Assuming that women don’t enjoy drinking is a huge judgment call and undoubtedly annoying.

Turn offs2
(He looks like he likes to drink alone.)

3. No touching. We just met. What’s with all the hugging? It’s extremely creepy when a guy loses his sense of physical personal space and sits or stands too close and hugs for no reason. Even if it’s harmless and is simply meant to express affection, it can be completely misinterpreted by a girl. So wait for some reciprocation boys. Touchy guys are a complete no-no.

Turn offs3
(Dude, we just met!)

4. Fill in the gaps. The dreaded awkward silence. When you run out of the obvious things to talk about; let’s be honest, you need to work your way out of it. Pick anything interesting your date said and take the conversation forward. Guys who are too lazy or disinterested to do that and just sit there waiting for the conversation to lift itself are boring and ‘boring’ has always been the most decisive turn off. If your date is bored just talking to you, it’s not going to go much further.

Turn offs4
(At least, he looks like he’s trying to think of what to say next.)

5. Foot in mouth. ‘Will you work after marriage?’ ‘How many boyfriends have you had?’ ‘What’s your CTC?’ These are relationship questions that a couple arrives at gradually. If you’re a single guy looking to date a girl and explore the possibility of having a relationship, there’s a lot more to talk to her about. Asking such personal questions upfront during the first few dates is almost always going to backfire and is a giant turn-off.

Turn offs5
(He’s probably calling to find out her CTC.)

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