Pins and a Strike events for singles

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ten pins & a strike

No matter what anyone says, always remember, and I mean ALWAYS to “Dress to impress.” And, to no one does this make more sense than to a single person looking to make a good first impression.

Let’s take the case of a bowling afternoon with your partner and figure out what is required to make a good first impression. If you are an experienced bowler or just getting started with a group of other singles, this will help you get more prepared. Bowling is a sport that requires certain attire and etiquette.

The most important dressing factor to remember when bowling, no matter what you wear, is a pair of socks. Socks are the muscle of your bowling outfit. I recommend wearing interesting socks with colour, stripes, polka dots, or patterns and try and make them match your shirt. You may also want to leave any finger rings at home as they only cause discomfort when you want to grip the all-important ball.

Here are some basic tips for both women and men out on a bowling date:

Women out for a Bowling afternoon

When going bowling, the safest bet is to pick a nice shirt in which you will be comfortable running around, bending down, and doing some athletic moves. It is best to wear short sleeves, as you will probably get hot while bowling. You may want to stash a pair of clean socks for after you bowl if you use alley shoes. Wear shoes that are easy to put on and take off. (You don’t want your friends to see you struggle just to get your shoes off.) Pants such as jeans seem to be the bottoms of choice but shorts and a longer skirt will work too. Another good tip is to wear your hair out of your eyes so that you can see where you or the ball is going.

In India, I’ve seen a few women bowling in salwars kameezes. While this is not criminal, it certainly looks it when you have to wear socks and shoes. So, tread carefully if you are going down this track.

Men out for a Bowling afternoon

Men’s clothing is going to be a little simpler. Men should wear pants and socks so they don’t sport the tall white socks with shorts and bowling shoes look. That look is not very attractive on anybody especially if you are in the company of meet up women who could potentially rock your world. A short-sleeve polo shirt or a short-sleeve linen shirt is a good comfortable option, and you could really stand out if you wore an interesting combination of socks and shirt. I recommend you go for some colour on top and a bright matching pattern on your ankles. If you happen to have other plans at a nicer place after bowling, then I recommend a change of clothes. It shows class and makes the women think you care. Which of course, you do.

In short, here are a few dos and don’ts that will make your bowling afternoon one to remember:

  • Short sleeve shirts in a summer color are sensible
  • Match your socks to your t shirt or shirt
  • For women, long pants, shorts, and long skirts are sensible
  • Long pants, generally chinos or jeans are best for men. If u can wear colorful chinos with colorful socks they really make a statement.
  • Guys, never wear sleeveless shirts or t-shirts
  • Never wear socks with holes.
  • Never, never, never wear black socks while bowling.

Lastly, remember that nothing looks better than a winning smile. So, put on a great attitude, a winning smile, a few of the tips mentioned above, and you should have a bowling afternoon to remember.

(This is a guest post written by Andrew Piers, Co-founder and Creative Head of Pudu Lifestyle)

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