Style, Fashion & Grooming Tips For Singles

At Floh our goal is to connect like-minded singles with each other. Since most interactions at Floh are in-person, it’s inevitable that interpersonal attraction plays a key role.

style and fashion for single

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The good news is that at Floh, we’re doubling down our efforts to help you amp up your style quotient. Whether it’s an up-close and personal session for Floh members with India’s fashion guru Prasad Bidapa or regular guest blogs by style expert Andrew Piers, co-founder & creative head at Pudu Lifestyle, you can expect a lot more from Floh in the coming months. We’ve lined up personalized wardrobe consultations with the best in the business, great grooming advice from the finest unisex salons in the country and fitness and wellness tips from the most progressive health clubs.


In short, we’re going to pull out all stops to make you look, feel and be your best! Watch this space.  

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