Park Your Ego At The Door

This is a guest post by a Floh member.

Do you remember the time when you asked someone out and they weren’t interested? Or how about that time when they ignored you, and you didn’t hear back from them at all? Some single people think that the latter option is more hurtful. But, anyone can tell you that both options hurt. Nobody likes being turned down. And, perhaps, one’s ego gets bruised in the process and you tend to lose a little confidence every time something like this happens.


However, let’s try and look at this from the other person’s perspective. Perhaps the other person thinks it isn’t going to work out. In their own way, they can judge what can or cannot work for them. Let’s just respect that. Besides, even if they said yes because you were persuasive, do you think it’s sustainable? Most of all, do you think it is worth all the time and effort? I’m assuming not

The Right to Say No

When I meet someone interesting, I ask them out. If there is chemistry, it will work. The other person will say yes. I try to park my ego at the door because egos are stupid. If I don’t hear back from someone, it is not because I’m unattractive or they think that they’re too good for me. It is because they had the right to say no, right from the time I thought about asking them out. For our own good, we should start taking a no or silence for what it’s worth – a big fat nothing.

Bring in a little excitement to your conversation with single. Fill it with honestly. Perhaps some humour. Be open minded. Be prepared for a no. But, smile.
There is no place for an ego. Really.

Ever had an instance where your ego might have gotten in the way of something great? Let me know your story with ego in the comments below!

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