Will the #MeToo movement be the Romance Apocalypse?

Kudos and full support to Priya Ramani for her courage. The #MeToo signal is clear. Women have found their voice in a male dominated world. They are confident and even bold. Well, it is high time.

The positive effect it will have on working women and their dignity is unquestionable. While this movement gains momentum, many are debating a “romance apocalypse”.

The Difference

Being sexually harassed by someone seemingly more powerful than you has nothing to do with romance. Romance between two people happens when it is mutual and not one-sided. It is with consent, not without. It elates you, does not violate you. You are in love, not living in fear. You feel good about your self, not edgy and irritable with your own self.

Gender Equality

At Floh gender equality has always been a given. Mutual respect for the genders has been our bedrock. And so, l urge that we must understand the difference between what #MeToo is trying to achieve vs men not approaching women for fear of getting termed as offenders. True attraction between two people will not be misconstrued as an offence. Both men and women crave companionship. Including physical desires. As long as it is mutual, it is out of the realm of being offensive. Be confident, genuine and honest when you approach the person. Be aware if either one of you is not interested in a romantic relationship, then the other cannot force themself on that person. You can keep things at a friendship level. Or you can move on gracefully if you can’t be just friends. This goes for both men and women – don’t be blinded by your own feelings.

The balance in our society is getting restored. It cannot happen without each gender supporting the other. Great relationships are those that are collaborative, not competitive. Let’s strive for that, it would be a real winner.


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