How To Keep The Fire Burning In Your Relationship?

Are you always working around the clock? Is your job making your dating life practically non-existent? Spend a little less time in the boardroom and a little more in the bedroom if you want a more fulfilling relationship!

The couple across the street is busy cooing over how romantic the weather is, but you’re hurriedly chiseling your way through the crowd, rushing to get to work on time. At a social gathering, your friends are dancing with their partners while you sip on a drink, furiously punching away at a keyboard trying to keep up with those crazy deadlines. Sure, the daily grind is faster, busier and much more competitive, but then, so is the dating game these days! If punishing work hours and supercilious bosses are leaving you with no time to go on dates or spend time with a new partner, you may be ruining your own chances of a fulfilling relationship. If your partner is beginning to bristle every time you cancel a date, you may need to take a step back and make time for a little romance in between your busy day to keep the flame burning!

After all, even ‘the one’ won’t stick around forever

In between all the meetings, deadlines and job related stress, you may not even realise when you’re growing distant from your partner. And, before you know it, they’ve packed their bags and moved on to greener pastures. All you have to do is spend a little time in between your day to send a message or two, just to let them know you’re thinking of them. Call them for a few minutes in between meetings, or devote a little time to keeping them updated through the day. It won’t waste any of your precious business hours, but it will make a very big difference to your relationship!

Be smart about your lunch break

Labouring over a sandwich in between business proposals is not lunch. And it’s not healthy for your health or your relationship! If your partner doesn’t work, or you’re lucky to work close to one another, take a short lunch break with one another. It will be a welcome change from your office and you’ll feel more motivated to work after a break with your loved one! If you can’t meet for lunch, try a cup of coffee after work, at least one or two days in a week.

Don’t take the entire office home with you

Do a little work at the end of the day if you must. But, don’t take it to the dinner table, and leave it far away from your evening drinks. Your partner deserves your complete attention. Replying to emails as you eat a meal together, or being glued to your laptop when you’re having a post-work drink doesn’t fall into the ‘quality time together’ box. It won’t kill you, or your career to use a few hours after work to lavish your partner with a little affection, will it?!

A little help from our friends!

If you’re only skimming to this in between work commitments and find yourself at the end with no good ideas, this may help! Nihal Shetty, a vocalist, tells us how he finds the time for a little romance in between a busy working day. He says, “I worked for a market research firm for about six months. With its grueling schedule, I got very little time to myself and for my dating life. So, since my work place was located at an office hub like most corporate firms are, we never fell short of nearby eateries. I’d often head to a cozy nook around the corner with my dates during lunch hours!”

Take a cue from us and start showering your partner with a little more affection – it will only do good things for you, we promise!

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