#FlohProfiles : Gauri Singh

It is the season to be jolly and Gauri Singh is just the friend we all need. Her approach to life is full of fun and you’ll definitely want to watch her pull some slick dance moves.

Take us through the journey of your career?

I started my career in IT but after a couple of years did the next obvious thing – I went to business school. Since then, I have been working for a pharmaceutical company in their commercial services. My current job gives me satisfaction of doing my bit towards improving patient lives.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I learnt Kathak, an Indian classical dance while growing up. So I imagined myself as a professional dancer traveling the world and doing shows.

Is there a celebrity’s life that you envy?

Not really. But on a lighter note, Baba Ramdev 😀 He’s fit to the T and the newest business tycoon on the block.

What is your style quotient?

It’s very comfortable and girl-next-door like 🙂

What is your tech peeve?

We are connected 24 by 7 but the connect has become very impersonal.

When was the last time you googled yourself and what was the most bizarre thing that surfaced?

After reading this question and thankfully, nothing bizarre!

If there was a biopic to be made on you, which actor would play you?

An Indian actress with an artsy background – may be Konkana Sen.

What is the last played song on your playlist?

Mashup of Closer – The Chainsmokers and Kabira by Vidya Vox.

Which dance number will definitely pull you to the dance floor?

Cheap thrills by Sia. Recently, I tried dancing Kathak on it and it was so much fun.

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