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This is a guest post by Reethika, member of www.floh.in, a network that connects singles in real life.

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We must have, on occasion, dined at a five star restaurant, but how many of us can claim to have cooked a meal at a five star restaurant? Floh turned a cloudy Sunday afternoon into an exciting afternoon of cooking Italian food with the chefs at JW Marriott. Yes, that’s exclusive and the sort of magic that Floh weaves.

In the past, Floh has conducted cooking events at the Hyatt and the Olive Beach. These events got sold out before you could say the word “go.” So, this time when I received a mail about a cooking event at JW Marriott, I wasted no time in registering for it. Ironically, I am not fond of cooking but I was curious and eager to get a sneak peek into the workings of a five star kitchen.

The menu chalked out for lunch included pizza, pasta, risotto and desserts. We got to work as teams, on different items on the menu with the chefs leading us. It was a nice, informal way of meeting and connecting with people in a relaxed environment.

Most of our parents have had arranged marriages with religion, financial background, and caste being the primary drivers in decision making. Most of the next generation is probably going to have love marriages with little thought of the above mentioned criteria. I believe, we are the crossover generation. The ones who do not connect with the traditional match making process. We are looking for a partner whom we can connect to, whose interests overlap with ours, whose values, priorities, and direction in life coincide with ours. Communicating these current needs vocally, changing the decision-making criteria, and ensuring we are not alienating our families are responsibilities that we bear as the crossover generation or change agents.

Floh is a wonderful medium that brings us together at such unique events and allows us to connect and socialize with like-minded people in an informal, natural way. This allows connections to happen, relationships to develop and be nurtured without the pressure of immediate decision-making. Meeting a unique segment of the society that definitely upholds success but doesn’t forget to have fun (the varied interests of people here, outside of their work speaks of that). Truly a segment that wants to squeeze everything out of life, and Floh is the wonderful catalyst to make that happen. The result, of course, could be life changing for some of us, but the journey as well is so delightful. Thank you, Floh!

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