Love is hard. Love is painful. Love is beautiful.

For Valentine’s Day, I was interviewed by Yahoo and was asked about what I thought about love.

What is Love?

Personally, I think, romantic love is a surrender which you go into without expectation of any concrete return or outcome. If you can do it, you can come out of it feeling spectacular.

There are some people who are in a quest for this kind of love, sure. They are deeply introspective, questioning. They are able to respect a contrarian view, go down a path not knowing its end. But they are outliers – they are the disruptors who change society, shake it up and their choices eventually do become mainstream. But their lives are hard.

Love is hard. It is painful! It means relinquishing control and going through pain and willing to have your soul ripped out and lose everything if need be. You have to be willing to lose, to make mistakes – without this journey there is no insight. Not everyone can do that or wants to do that.”

 I go on to add:  

“But at different points in my life I have felt differently about love. Now, at 40 I feel love for my daughter – it is so incredible, so life changing. I feel love for friends, a different love for my family. I see love in a lot of different places and in a lot of different ways.” 

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Siddharth Mangharam