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importance of golf attire

Golf is a game steeped in etiquette and tradition. That’s why it is important to pay attention to what you wear when you step out to play a singles game of golf. Most golfers, these days, pay as much importance to their attire as they do to their clubs and equipment.

There are many things to look at, when trying to pick the best golf attire, including style, comfort, price, and function. All of these factors count, but how they rank in importance depend on the golfer. One universal rule, however, is comfort. Golfers need to be comfortable in order to swing their clubs for 18 holes.

Dressing appropriately for a day on the links can be a challenge for beginners, but it doesn’t have to be. These simple suggestions (which apply to both men and women) will help you look the part until your game catches up:

1) The collared t-shirt and non-denim trouser or Chino shorts (a lengthier short variation with a hemline that falls just above the knee) have become the clothing staples of the sport and the most frequent outfit of choice for everyday golfers.
 Sift through your existing wardrobe and determine if any of the articles pass the golf dress code test. Many collared shirts and trousers that are worn in a smart-casual office environment also work in the golf club realm.

3) When beginning your initial venture into the game, it is best to stick with the basics. A golf wardrobe consisting of neutrals, blacks and whites will always remain classic and relevant, making it easier to develop numerous looks from it.

4) Both single men and women generally wear collared t -shirts and pants for golf, the only difference being that women can also wear skirts and shorts to play. Knee-level skirts or slightly shorter are the general rule.

5) Just like for men, denim is not acceptable for women as well. Skirts, pants, and shorts in white, black, or a neutral colour are a great base, and from there, women can add colorful collared t-shirts and pullovers. Today, colorful shorts and skirts with funky plaid t-shirts are very trendy and add a lot of color on the greens.

6) When women wear skirts or shorts they should always wear ankle-level socks and nothing longer.

Of course, the whole point to a golf outing event for singles is to interact as well. So, remember, a relaxed and charming attitude to meet your partner can work wonders as well.

(This is a guest post written by Andrew Piers, Co-founder and Creative Head of Pudu Lifestyle)

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