The Floh Factor: How to dress for an occasion

This is a guest post by Vibhinta Verma Das, the founder and director of Vibhinta Verma Image Consulting. She is a model and an actor with a penchant for style, a flair for presentation and a passion for teaching. As a certified Image Consultant she teaches people how to project an appropriate, attractive and authentic image in their personal and professional lives.

how to dress for occasion

How often have we all stared at our wardrobes, before an important event and exclaimed that we didn’t have anything to wear?

Too often, I presume. 

Before any important event, ask yourself 4 questions:

What is the occasion?

Many events have a dress code. Feel free to ask other guests or the host.

Where and when will the event take place?

Indoors or outdoors? Day or night? For instance, ladies, at a picnic avoid stilettos which will sink into the grass, but wedges will work. Similarly, gentlemen, a derby requires you to be suited up but spending the whole day outdoors means you could get pretty hot, an unlined linen suit helps beat the heat.

Who will you meet at the event and why?

Remember to cater to the target audience. Lunch at a nice restaurant with your bosses is very different from lunch at the same restaurant with someone you’re trying to impress.

How do you want to be perceived by the people you meet?

Answer this by picking 3-4 adjectives that best describe the impression you want to make. Eg: For a cricket match where India is playing Pakistan with colleagues I pick:



-respectable (avoid the tri-colour face paint)

– Patriotic (wear India’s colours)

Once you have the answers, look in your wardrobe and pick outfits. I’m sure you’ll be able to identify at least a couple that work. Try them on, pick the one you feel fabulous in, make sure it is laundered, there are no missing buttons or ripped seams and that’s the way to go.

If the occasion is really special and you want to go out and buy that one particular piece that will complete the outfit, a belt or jewellery or shoes or anything, go ahead.

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