The Choices Indian Women Make – A Male Perspective

This is a blog post from a Floh alumnus who found his partner through www.floh.in, a network that connects singles in real life.

Recently, a blog post titled ’50 reasons a Bong girl will not marry you’ went viral. It’s a nice tongue-in-cheek post about the greatness of Bengali women and why us poor mortals do not measure up. I know for sure that Bengali women are great, but I think the sentiment applies to a lot of single Indian women whether Bengali or Malayalee (or Gujarati, Tamilian, Punjabi, and so on) though their tongue-in-cheek list might substitute coconut oil in some places.

The point I took away, and the point that applies to most men in my generation in India is that women are picky, and rightly so. That B-School degree you worked so hard for, or the green card you fought for is probably great for your career, but it doesn’t guarantee that your ‘Bong’ woman will pick you.

Blog choose you

Not all is bad news though. Connecting Women being picky means that they do pick. It is not mere acquiescence, it an active process. Of course, as any other man, I am totally clueless as to the thought process on the positive side of picking. But, I am sure the list is a lot shorter than 50 because it worked for me. 

Glad to say that I was picked by a great single woman. (Not Bengali, in this case.) She asked me out first, and let me just be clear to all the picky women out there, it feels great to be picked! 

Conversely, for the guys, stop hiding behind your great credentials, fancy jobs, and computer screens. The reason she didn’t pick you might just be because she had no idea that you cook a fine macher jhol or that you actually played football event for your school.

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