Can A Tall Woman Date A Shorter Man?

Like all other single girls nearing 30, I am on the quest for my prince charming, but there is one small problem. I am a tall woman, which means I have to look at it slightly differently. Let the hunt for prince giraffe begin!

Prince Giraffe.

Yes, that’s right! I am a tall woman, and you might be slightly jealous of me, but being tall has its downfalls too.

Here’s a short list compiled by yours truly:

  • Being at the end of the line
  • Sitting in the last row of class
  • There is never enough leg room on a flight
  • Always being in the back of photographs
  • Clothes & shoes never fit

The list goes on and when it comes to the question of men and matrimony, it gets event more complicated.

A tall order.

I don’t have an issue dating a shorter guy or even marrying one, does the dilemma then stand with the men? A number of guy friends and acquaintances that I have chatted with, have explicitly declared that they don’t have a problem at all. They have gone on to state that they would love to be seen with a tall woman. I have been complimented on my wonderful height and gait by many a man too. On the other hand, a lot of men I may have met socially have looked down at my feet first to check whether I am wearing heels or not! Most commonly, I hear : Sooo…how tall are you?

Does size really matter?

So, is it a personal preference or is it societal conditioning which dictates that the man must be taller than the woman? And if a man isn’t too proud of his height, does he try to mask it, by stating on paper that he is taller than what he really is? A friend of mine once articulated a theory to me that a majority of men actually state that they are 2 inches taller on paper than what they really are. I have actually witnessed this phenomenon, when a man claims he is taller and when we meet in person, he ends up being much shorter in person.

Every Inch Counts!

When a number rules your chances at finding the perfect life partner, the excuses from potential men get discouraging and tiring. When you hear “everything was ‘nice’ about the girl but she is a tall woman”, one does tend to continually wonder and speculate about how vital these digits actually are in the process of finding your soulmate.

Searching High & Low!

Tall women, I stand tall with you, and yes, I feel like screaming when someone judges me based on a number rather than who I am as a person, but don’t be discouraged, your prince giraffe is out there! To all the women who are with significantly taller men – you should have left them for us!!

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