Social Media Etiquette For Singles

How you present yourself on social media could make or break a prospective relationship. Here are a few things that can jump out at a prospective partner online!

You met through a mutual friend and got along like a house on fire. You spoke for hours, and even exchanged numbers. Things were going great until you sent them a friend request, or accepted a follow request on a social media site. After that, things have begun to go downhill! They’ve stopped taking your calls, and won’t respond to your witty texts. What did you do wrong? Even if you stay away from posting risqué pictures, it may be time to do a little social media sweep!

You’re overactive

By now, you may have realised that everyone can monitor how active you are on your social media account. But, if you’re a little too active, to a point where you comment on every post that’s in your feed, you could be putting off prospective partners. You don’t want your dates to think that you have nothing to do other than while away your time on social media, do you?

You have too many selfies

It’s the era of the selfie – but there’s definitely a downside when your prospective date is scanning through pages and pages of pictures, all of yourself in various poses. You come across as vain, self-obsessed and a little immature! Of course, a little self-love never hurt anyone, but try not to flood the internet with pictures of yourself!

You are crass online

Being casual, colloquial and funny is great, but you should draw the line at peppering your language with cuss words. Unless you’re a teenager in high school, using immature slang and bad vocabulary is going to create a bad impression of you with a prospective partner. After all, cussing and swearing can be a big turn off! We’re not suggesting you speak like you’re a character out of an old English novel, but you should try to speak well, even when you’re typing out comments online. Don’t underestimate the seductive sway of a powerful vocabulary!

People shaming

Yes, your friend may have packed on a few kilos and that colour really doesn’t suit your sister, but the entire world doesn’t need to know that! Posting criticism and harsh comments on other people’s social media feed will show up on yours too. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Your partner will respect you more for it!

Your past is dripping into your past

There is no harm announcing your relationship online, but unless your partner is as socially active as you are, and on board with it – don’t embarrass them online! Keep the PDA for when you’re alone together. Even if you’re not posting things about your new relationship, make sure that you aren’t still commenting on old posts, sharing old pictures with past partners or stalking and liking pictures from past relationships. It’s also a good idea to do a little cleanup if you and your ex were very active online.

A clean online presence is always a good idea, whether you’re talking about your career or your relationship. But, when it comes to a prospective partner, it’s even more important – after all, you don’t want them to worry about what you will post about them online, or how quickly you will begin to attack their pictures if the relationship falls through!

Do you have any etiquette points you want to share with me? Have I missed an important one? Let me know in the comments below!

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