Is Being In Love Affecting Your Career?

Being in love is great. You feel like a teenager and spend most of your time thinking of your new partner. But, what happens when it begins to take over your time at work?

If you’re anything like the rest of us, you know what it feels like to meet someone special who you just can’t stop thinking about. No matter how old you are, when it comes to a new relationship, you can end up acting like a lovelorn teen.

You spend all day thinking about them, so you probably won’t be able to get much else done. But, you really need to snap out of your lovestruck dreams, because you’re an adult, so you’re not skipping lectures, you’re avoiding doing the job you were hired to do!

It’s wasting all your time!

While your new relationship isn’t toxic and we’re glad you’ve found the one. However, your boss will not be as happy for you as we are, especially if you spend all your time shirking work! Sitting and day dreaming about the date you’ve planned later that evening means you’re not concentrating on the work you have to do. It’s okay to spend time thinking about them, but remember that you have a career to focus on.

Talking about breaks…

You’ve already had three coffee breaks since you’ve come in and you’re taking longer lunch breaks than ever. You’ve forgotten about the intern you were training and work just keeps piling up. But, you haven’t realised because you’ve been spending all your time talking to your partner! If you want to spend time with your new partner, do so after work.

Online PDA is a no-no!

How you act on social media may not seem important to you, but if you want to keep up a certain image at work, you have to ensure that your colleagues aren’t bombarded with your lovesick posts. Either put your privacy settings on full blast, or (and this is a better idea), stop putting up private things online. Don’t post hearts on each other’s public pages or the cutesy nicknames you have for each other. Also ensure that pictures you post are not inappropriate or filled with PDA.

Get rid of the distractions!

Did your boss just send you a heated email about an assignment or work that you were given ages ago? It’s not good to slip up at work just because you spent all your time messaging your partner or all day shopping for gifts to give them. Save these activities for after work. If you don’t, you risk making your boss think you’re not serious about your career!

So, do you think your new relationship is affecting your career? Social media executive Misbah Sayyed tells us that it is natural to be preoccupied when we start dating someone new. “It is understandable to be distracted, even at work, because there’s nothing like the feeling of new love. However, it’s really important to maintain a balance at work. Personally, I would make the time to create a schedule and stick to it. It helps me get work done faster. Of course, there’s no harm using a little time from a lunch break to talk to or think about them,” she adds. We agree! Do you?

If you have had a similar situation or have something to say about how a new relationship has affected your work let me know in the comments below!

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