Things To Do Before Bringing Your Date Home

You’re both in the mood all night – until you’re not. You’ve done everything right, from picking a great spot for a date to getting the green light to go back to your place. So, what are you doing wrong?

You’re on a date and it’s going better than you could have imagined. Conversation is light and you spend most of the night laughing together. You can sense the chemistry, so you draw up the courage to ask your date to come over. But, that’s when things begin to go downhill. Your date couldn’t take their eyes off you all night, but they’re suddenly stuck looking like a deer in headlights! Was it the sound of evening aarti from your neighbour’s flat? Or was it your older sibling, asking your date intrusive questions? Or was it…

An untidy home

Do you remember how quickly Ross runs from his messy date’s home, in an episode of popular TV show, Friends? You can’t blame your date for being a flight risk if you’ve got a shabby, untidy home! It will kill any chemistry that you may have built up over dinner, whether it’s belongings all over the place or a sink overflowing with dirty dishes!

Nosy neighbours

Like them or hate them, you can’t help but be polite with your neighbours. But, while you’re probably used to exchanging a few words, your date will not want to; especially if the conversation stretches on for too long. A polite smile and a simple, “Nice to see you, let’s talk tomorrow,” is better than having a long conversation, helping you to stay cordial with the neighbours without spoiling the chemistry with your date. After all, your date doesn’t need to know about your water shortage, or that your watchman’s been falling asleep on the job. Of course it’s best if you could avoid your neighbours altogether…

The interrogation

Unfortunately, this is not something most of us can get out of. You bring a date home, hoping to spend quality time together. Of course, even if it’s well past midnight, you’re greeted by siblings or parents who are thrilled that they’ve agreed to come over! They’re going to want to know every little detail of course. Sneaking off to a more private space is a better idea than sitting it out though! Even if it’s awkward for a bit, you can turn things around by continuing a conversation you were having at dinner.

The unavoidable housework

Do you have a set of chores waiting for you? Most of us do. But, it’s a good idea not to mention them after a date. Maintaining continuity is the easiest way to ensure that the mood you build up over your date lasts, not to mention what bad timing it would be to ignore your date for your chores! You don’t have to light a candle and crack open a bottle of wine, but try not to kill the mood by washing dishes or putting clothes away. And even if you do – never, ever ask your date to lend you a helping hand!

Your pet doesn’t like guests

You’re both really into each other when you put your key in the door, but the minute it swings open, your pet jumps onto your date, growling. Even if your pet is people friendly, remember not to spring it on your date. Nothing kills the mood faster than an angry pet or a date who’s petrified of animals!

If you think having a clean kitchen and keeping your pet on a leash is too much to manage, it’s probably best not to invite your date over – not until you know each other well enough to skip over the hitches at least! Until then, say goodnight at the door and hope no nosy neighbours decide to butt in as you do!

So how do you prepare before considering bringing your date home? Let us know in the comments below and share your tips with singles all over the world!

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