Rules To Follow When You Hook Up With A Colleague

By Simran Mangharam, Co-Founder of Floh.

It’s hard enough being attracted to someone at work, but you will know what awkward truly is the day after a hook-up! Whether you’re entering unfamiliar relationship territory or pretending it never happened, it’s going to take a little skill to traverse past this situation.
Hook up with your colleagues
Occasionally bumping into someone you’ve had a meaningless fling with can make for some awkward situations, but they’re usually done and dusted after a few agonising minutes. But, what happens if you’ve got to work with them the next day? You can’t duck out of sight every time they walk into a room, and you may even have to co-ordinate directly with them, no matter how uncomfortable it is. And, you can’t let your personal problems interfere with your professional life can you? Pretending like nothing happened won’t save you from the hassle for too long, so it’s best to face the situation head on!

If you’re lucky, the two of you could be working in separate departments. Since it just happened (and especially if you don’t know where you stand), it’s a good idea to avoid each other as much as possible until things cool down. While running into each other stirred up the attraction that led you to this situation, it’s probably not going to be as appealing right now!

Be cool!

If you’re hard-pressed for luck and stuck in the same department, think of the first rule to sort out any issue, work or otherwise. Good communication! It can’t be the easiest thing to do if you haven’t had time for that conversation after, but it’s important to ensure seamless work! After all, you were attracted enough to hook-up with them, you can try your hand at a cordial relationship now.

Don’t bring it in to work

No matter what led to the hook-up with like minded people and what the outcome of it is going to be, it’s important to give them professional respect and expect the same. For this to happen, remember to keep personal feelings off the table – at least at work. All those unfinished conversations and questions you have can wait till you finish your work day. Instead, focus on finishing your work quickly and efficiently. It will keep your mind of the hook-up; after all, whether it was great or terrible, it’s a distraction!

Don’t cry a river

Taylor Swift may win Grammy awards and make millions singing about her romances, but we’re sure your colleagues don’t want you to do the same. It not only makes you seem unprofessional, but can also stir up drama if it’s not a particularly good story!

Thnik before you bring up anythingThink before you speak, and even more before you post

Most of your co-workers are on social media so beware of what you post. An innocent update can sabotage your professional image. If talking or directly delegating work to the person in question is making you uncomfortable, leave them a message or chat with them online.

Learn from your mistake – don’t repeat it!

Was your hook-up a mistake? Even if it felt great in the moment, are you sure you want to stop it from going any further? Then try not to succumb to the flirtatious smiles and suggestive stares that are so common for post-hook-up interactions. If there was a wild attraction, chances are that it’s still there, unless the hook-up went horribly wrong. Learn from the awkwardness you feel and set boundaries for the future.

Of course, nothing feels as good as a great hook-up that you’re sure is going to lead to something more! Even so, it’s probably not a good idea to flaunt the feeling at work. Whether its awkward glances or blushing smiles, don’t let your colleagues in on your exciting secret!

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