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Tips For Singles To Follow While Dating The Boss

By Simran Mangharam, Co-Founder of Floh.

Singles in working relationshipYou’re single and ready to mingle but do you really want your prospective partner to be your boss? Even if you love the attention, getting involved could lead to a few risky work scenarios. Can you enjoy the attention while it lasts, without letting it affect a working relationship?

It’s always great to have healthy chemistry with your boss. It helps you work seamlessly together, especially if they’re more casual than corporate with you. But between the work emails and casual tea break conversations, there’s another type of attraction that’s popping up – and it’s not all that innocent! Of course, dating said boss is a complete no-no. Whether it’s because you’ve got a stringent office policy, you’re just not that into them, or you’ve just decided not to take the plunge, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the attention if your boss seems extremely fond of you. As long as you don’t get carried away, of course! Wondering how to enjoy the attention, but still stay professional? These tips may work…

Keep the office relationship proKeep it professional, but play the friendship card

If you share a cordial, friendly relationship with your boss, you’ve been dealt a very good hand. From coming in just a little bit late to pushing a deadline slightly further than other colleagues would be able to, being friends with your boss has its fare share of boons; but don’t take advantage of them! Keeping it professional and being a good worker will help keep the friendship going, without affecting your work. After all, you don’t want the affection to turn into resentment just because you’re taking advantage of a good situation, do you?

Physical separation is important

There’s nothing wrong with a little harmless flirting, but if the affectionate smiles are turning into accidental arm brushes and lingering handshakes, you’re venturing into dangerous territory. Listen to your logical side, which is probably telling you to back off. Ensuring that there’s a physical distance won’t damage your friendship, and will keep your relationship far from romantic. After all, that’s not what you’re looking for anyway!

Beware of the post-work drink!

This is a dicey situation. You’re friends after all, so what’s the harm including your boss in your after-work plans? You’re excited about finally getting to talk to them in a casual atmosphere, but remember that unless it’s in a big group – alcohol and alone time with someone that there’s obviously some chemistry with can be risky. Turning it into a group activity is a good card to play. Your boss won’t feel slighted, because you won’t be refusing the invite outright and you will still get to build on your casual relationship!

Filter your conversations

While entering into a romantic relationship is not what you’re looking for, you don’t want the flirtatious atmosphere to die down. An easy way to do this is to keep work conversations at work, but filter your conversations outside of it so that they don’t affect your work later! Don’t make them your confidante about bitchy work colleagues and try to keep the conversation light and friendly. Your professional life will be easier and you will also be able to keep the mystery alive – after all, that’s what the spark is built on!

Coming on too strong, getting too emotional or taking advantage of the situation will only cut any sign of chemistry out of the picture and too much flirtingwill affect your reputation at work. So, keep it casual! After all, a fun, causal relationship with your boss that doesn’t cross professional lines won’t come back to haunt you!

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