Why Singles Hail Floh!

This is a guest post by Floh member, Minoy Jose.

why singles hails Floh

Sunday, July 1st 2012, 05:45 A.M.

The alarm on my phone has started blaring out the corny tune of my choice. In the drowsy haze that I am, I can vaguely remember going to bed later than 1:00 A.M. this morning. 

“05:45 a.m.! Why do I do this to myself?”

I briefly contemplated sending an apologetic text to Sidman informing him that my mortal self cannot make it for the Victorian Bangalore Walk. 

But, something somehow made me kick myself out of bed that cool Sunday morning and reach the Holy Trinity Church on time. I can picture most of the twenty odd Floh members that were there also making a similarly gallant effort. It makes me wonder, why? The answer to this question was given by Dobbs (DiCaprio) to Saito (Watanabe) in that phenomenally elegant cinematic puzzle called Inception. “An idea”, he said. He goes on to say that an idea when fully formed, and well understood, sticks. It is resilient, almost impossible to eradicate.  I happen to agree with him. I think it is the thread of a shared idea that links all the Floh members and makes us do absolutely crazy things like getting up on a Sunday morning before 6:00 A.M. The idea that the only logical way to find someone you want to share your life with is to meet like-minded people with shared interests. It is a simple, elegant, and perfectly sensible idea – the lifeblood of Floh. With Floh, we get to jump ahead a few steps and end up in a group setting with a bunch of interesting single people

As we gather in a circle near the gate inside the Holy Trinity Church compound, I glance through the group and realize that I have met only three people in this group before – another interesting element of Floh. During the entire walk my attention is systematically divided between the awesome historical facts being thrown at us by Arun and my fellow lady Floh members. I chit-chat a little with some of them during the walk. Then, we go to a ‘surprise location’ for a nice breakfast and some more conversation flows at the table. 

Maybe a few friend requests will be sent on Facebook by this bunch to each other. Maybe that will be followed by a coffee date, then a few movies together and several cozy dinners. And then, maybe Sidman will have to throw another party at the Bangalore Club to celebrate the second Floh wedding! Even if it does not pan out as splendidly as that we can be assured in the fact that there is always another Floh event next weekend.

I have to go now. My cell phone says ‘Mummy calling’ I have three seconds to prepare for the incoming matrimonial onslaught.

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