Delhi, Let’s Talk About Love!

Attendees of ‘Delhi, Let’s Talk About Love!’ (For more pictures, click here)

For the next decade the youth of India will find it very hard to get into and be in relationships. The gender roles overlap like never before and it has been left upon this generation to really figure things out. And that too without awareness, role models or any tools to deal with this situation that they did not individually bring upon themselves. This open talk with Dr. Shyam Bhat addresses just that, gender equations and how to make them work to your advantage, and what are the tools to use effectively to get yourself relationship ready.

This 3-city tour with Dr. Shyam Bhat kicked off to a fantastic start with an overwhelming response in Delhi last weekend. More than 80 people were there and at the end of the session no one wanted to leave! No stone was left unturned when it came to questions. What was great is that the men took centrestage with their very pertinent questions. It was indeed a truly ‘Open’ session and nothing was brushed under the carpet. This event proved that people want to take charge of their lives and are openly seeking direction. A glimpse of that direction was what we got as a take away from this event.

So, Mumbai, you are in for treat! See you at Cafe Zoe on the evening of 28th May. 🙂

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