An #UberFloh Sunday

UberFloh Sunday

On a beautiful Sunday morning, a group of attractive, well dressed, and energetic singles gathered in the amphi theatre in UB City, Bangalore for the start of the #UberFloh Challenge. A one-of-a-kind, smartphone-enabled, urban challenge where Floh partnered with Uber, a car booking service (and one of the most disruptive start-ups on the planet!). The objective was to solve some tough puzzles across the city and the best part was that all Floh members were driven in a fleet of Mercedes E Class vehicles! Very Uber, indeed!

After receiving their first clue at the UB City amphi theatre, they were off to Café Noir, and then in their Mercedes E Class cars to Monkey Bar, where they’d get the next clue only after defeating the resident Foosball champion! Participants were then led to Bricklane Grill, where they had to fish out the clue from the bottom of the swimming pool! Subsequent clues led participants to the Leela Palace and then onward to Jagriti Theatre, where they had to act out a scene from a classic to the satisfaction of the resident director. The final clue was the latitude and longitude coordinates of Sommer House, Bangalore’s best kept secret venue. This is a beautiful historic villa in Whitefield that hosts private events and it was a perfect place to serve lunch!

Members had to use the Uber app each time to request a car. No keeping a car on hold while they went about solving a clue.

It was a thrilling, competitive, and adventurous way to spend a Sunday, #UberFloh style, of course!

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