When your partner likes you more than you like them

There’s a certain, slightly embarrassing, aspect of being single that no one talks about – meeting someone who shows the slightest interest in you and then feeling as though it would be foolish to let them go. What if you don’t find someone else? If you’re dating someone who is head over heels for you, but you only feel a certain warmth and fondness for them, you may have a little bit of a problem. After all, do you want to spend your life with a partner you don’t feel strongly about, just because they would run to the ends of the earth for you? Knowing when someone likes you more than you like them is easy, but avoiding the pitfalls that it comes with is not.

Remember that making sacrifices should be a two-way street

It’s very romantic if your partner is willing to take a day off work to spend time with you, or travel long distances just to see you when you’re unwell. But, if you never return the favour, the one-sided gesture will begin to create resentment and strain your relationship. Not only will it gnaw at your conscience, it will make it difficult for your partner to remain unaffected by your apparent inability to compromise, or sacrifice things for them in the same way.

Are you really ready for a commitment?

Sure, you would love to have someone to spend the rest of your life with, but are they the one? Don’t settle just because they’ve poured out their hearts to you. It may seem cold and mean right now, but take a minute to think about what the future will be like if you commit to someone before you’re ready. It wouldn’t really be fair to them either!

Do you really know them?

It is possible that you’ve entered into a relationship in a hurry, thinking that there’s always more time for you to get to know each other. After all, they feel so strongly about you, that it will be easy to create a lasting, loving bond. In some situations, this strategy could work. But, if they notice that you don’t feel as strongly, they could clam up.

A Yes man doesn’t signal happiness

No one wants to date someone exactly like them. While dealing with disagreements is pretty unsavoury, do you really want a partner who worships you so much that they blindly agree to whatever you say? In their attempts to get you to like them, there’s a chance that they won’t believe in disagreeing with you about anything, leaving you in a confusing relationship where there is no room for different opinions or thoughts.

So, the bottomline is – if your partner likes you a little more than you like them, you’re the luckiest person on the planet. But, if there’s such a massive divide that you’ve got a worshipper instead of an equal partner, you may want to re-evaluate whether the relationship is healthy, or fair to them!

If you have had a similar situation in a relationship, share your story below so that other singles know that they are not the only ones facing this! Share your story, we would love to hear it!

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