Peculiar habit of highly effective Floh members

I was chatting with a few former Floh members recently (BTW, this is our approach to market research). They are former Floh members because they’re now dating each other and the first rule of Floh is that you’ve got to leave the network if you lose your single status.

Repeating events can change something significant in your life. Like losing your single status.

I was curious to know how they ended up finding a partner at Floh and it’s really simple – they attended the same event more than once. They figured that many people didn’t repeat events which meant that there was a totally different set of folks at the same event a few months later. That way, their circle of Floh connections grew far more rapidly than the folks that simply said, “Been there, done that”.

A former Floh member spoke about one of our most popular events, the Bangalore Walks. She attended this event twice and met over 50 Floh members – all of who were different. And at the second walk she met a guy that she found interesting and now they’re seeing each other. The most effective Floh members realize that Floh is all about meeting people and that Floh isn’t an events company (though our events are spectacular!). The events are a platform for you to meet other singles in a fun and no-stress environment. It would take you years to meet 50 new single people, each of who has been vetted by someone you trust. At Floh, all it takes a couple of weeks.

A simple decision like repeating a Floh event can change something significant in your life. Like losing your single status 🙂

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